Next generation network

Enabling Service Provider Transformation

A new era of network services has evolved to meet the needs of IP-centric networking requirements and customer opportunity. The chance to build and operate networks that provide local, long-haul, mobile, and global data and Internet services to businesses and consumers is here.

We offer you specialized advance services in NGN technology based on Cisco solutions in three-core segment:

  • - IPv6 solutions
  • - IP next generation network
  • - Optical solution
  • End-to-end connective integrity
  • Unconstrained address abundance
  • Integrated interoperability and mobility

IPv6 solution

Due to IPv4 address scarcity and increasing growth in the segment of connected devices the need for new address allocation has increased the requirement for service providers (SP) to offer IPv6 connectivity to subscribers. As the content available over IPv6 is increasingly growing a SP needs to upgrade its existing infrastructure to support the protocol.

See NIL's technical proposal for upgrade to IPv6:

Whitepaper - IPv6 solution for service providers

  • Support broad range of applications
  • Minimize the capital and operating expense
  • Automate service provisioning

IP next generation network

The idea behind the IP Next Generation Network (IP NGN) is to provide IP transport for all services and applications, regardless of user access type, thus enabling the addition of new services and applications without any changes in the transport network.

See how can you address falling average revenues:

Whitepaper - IP next generation network

  • Aggregate many services over a single connection
  • Simplify network operations
  • Consolidate network architectures

Optical solutions

Optical network become more important in later years as bandwidth has rapidly increased and fibers cannot be added with the same pace. Optical solutions based on Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) have been in use for enterprises and service providers to conduct different technologies with different speeds and variety of distances.

See if WDM implementations is suitable for you:

Whitepaper - Optical solutions for enterprise or service provider