Network Service Orchestration and Management

Reduce operating costs and accelerate revenue growth

Service providers are under extreme pressure. On one hand, surging traffic volumes and sprawling infrastructure have made managing their networks more expensive and complex. On the other hand, increased competition is lowering revenue and forcing service providers to introduce new services more quickly.

We offer you specialized advance services in two-core segment:

  • - SP management, operations and provisioning systems
  • - Software Defined Network (SDN)
  • Simplify network management
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Deliver predictable services

SP management, operations and provisioning systems

Service provider network today tries to adapt to latest business and residential services. As result networks expand with number of devices as well as in number of features to support demanding services. Managing such networks requires highly educated personnel and right tools to manage running services. 

See NIL's proposed solution:


  • Modifying or deploying new services for faster time to revenue
  • Making existing services more flexible at a lower cost for better margins
  • Facilitating broad innovation in services and markets


With the flood of solutions and products that are promoted under the name Software Defined Networks one will inevitably ask the question “What’s in it for me? How can my network benefit from SDN?” And the answer, as is mostly the case, is: “It depends.” SDN is different things to different people and different organisations.

See how NIL can help you become SDN companies today:

Whitepaper: SDN by NIL (overview & solution)