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We offer you specialized advance services in Mobile & Wireless technology based on Cisco solutions in three-core segment:

  • - Broadband Wi-Fi
  • - UMTS and LTE packet core in SP Mobility
  • - Deep packet inspection solutions
  • Optimize network resources
  • Decrease churn, customers lost by switching to other competitor

Broadband Wi-Fi

Merge of Wi-Fi and cellular

Today is hard to imagine having no Wi-Fi access at work, at home and even while commuting or shopping. We really have become a connected society and Wi-Fi is playing a major role in it. 

This doesn’t mean that Wi-Fi is a replacement technology for mobile. Mobile technologies still have superior signal coverage properties and the usage of licensed spectrum makes sure they don’t have to deal with too much interference and undeterministic spectrum properties. But where high data throughput is required, it can be provided by Wi-Fi, which makes these technologies complementary.

By merging WiFi and cellular into a single access service, both customers will be get what they want. Not only will that affect the average return per user but it might also decrease churn (customers switching their operator).

See what is NIL's story behind this business opportunity:

Whitepaper - Case for Broadband

  • Interworking and seamless migration between two technologies
  • Capability of interworking and integration with various other 3GPP and non-3GPP technologies

UMTS and LTE Packet Core in SP Mobility

The Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) is a third generation mobile cellular system for networks based on the GSM standard developed and maintained by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project. LTE, as a successor to UMTS, increases the capacity and speed together with many packet core network improvements. The challenge of interworking and seamless migration between the two technologies in the packet core area is a challenge that awaits many mobile service providers (SP's).

See NIL's implementation proposal:

Whitepaper - UMTS AND LTE PACKET CORE in SP Mobility

  • Develop new differentiated services
  • Increase subscriber base
  • Provide customer tailored services

Deep Packet Inspection SOLUTIONS

Deep packet inspection solutions are designed for carrier grade stateful application inspection and session based classification of per subscriber IP traffic. The DPI functionality allows service providers to develop new differentiated services and increase their subscriber base by providing a portfolio of customer tailored services.

See how NIL can implemented DPI technology for you:

Whitepaper - Deep packet inspection solutions